Vote Sparks 2018 | ISSUES
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Where Does David Sparks Stand On The Issues?


I will propose, co-sponsor and fight for legislation that will:



  • Ban charter schools from receiving public monies in Ohio. After more than a decade long experiment, charter schools have failed our students by failing to deliver greater academic results than public schools. Constantly mired in scandal and plagued by poor accountability, the time for the charter school experiment in this state is over. Ohio can offer and expand variation in education options without private management that is unaccountable to the public.


  • Require foreign language learning to happen beginning in the Pre-K ages, when the human brain is most able to learn a second language.


  • Increase funding for schools.


  • Decrease class sizes


  • Move our schools towards a learning, discovery and thinking environment, as opposed to a testing environment.


  • Guarantee that adjunct professors at all state universities in Ohio receive a living wage.

I will propose, co-sponsor and fight for legislation that will:



  • Establish a phased-in statewide minimum wage of $15 an hour.


  • Make corporate tax abatements illegal.


  • Ban so-called “right to work” laws. I fully support the right of citizens to organize and bargain collectively in the workplace for higher wages, better benefits and a stronger middle class.


  • Guarantee three-months of parental leave for all parents.


  • Develop low-cost high speed municipal Internet.
David Sparks Health Care Platform

I will propose, co-sponsor and fight for legislation that will:


  • Revise laws that permit mentally ill adults to sign themselves out of treatment prior to being deemed able to succeed in the community.


  • Create better programs to assist mentally ill adults in participating in the economic system and obtaining appropriate housing and medical care.


  • Establish requirements for nurse-to-patient ratios that put patient safety first.


  • Eliminate insurance companies and the for profit motive in medical care management with a more efficient and fiscally responsible single-payer system.


  • Integrate mental health and education so that all children get the help they need early in life and thus prevent things like addiction and imprisonment.


  • Guarantee that a woman’s right to reproductive choice is protected and make sure that reproductive health care is accessible to all Ohio women.
The Ohio River

I will propose, co-sponsor and fight for legislation that will:



  • Ban the practice of fracking in the Buckeye State.


  • Expand incentives for residential and business green energy projects, and eliminate laws that punish or discourage residents and businesses from escaping the grid.


  • Move all government buildings, schools and other public institutions to immediately begin retrofitting their facilities with green energy technology, saving taxpayer money on energy costs, helping reduce carbon emissions, and creating thousands of green energy jobs now.


  • Rid Ohio’s creeks, rivers and lakes of industrial agriculture runoff, and the toxic algae blooms they create.


  • Create a network of intra-city high speed rail in Ohio.

I will propose, co-sponsor and fight for legislation that will:



  • End the senseless and Orwellian war on drugs in our state. Instead of police officers taking drug addicts to jail, under my plan we will take hard drug addicts to addiction clinics, funded by money saved from no longer sending offenders into jails, where recidivism is high, and our state has nothing to show for their efforts.


  • Legalize recreational marijuana and agricultural hemp.


  • Require that police departments return military grade weaponry like tanks and armored vehicles to the Federal government. Ohioans want to live in a free state, not a battlefield.


  • Make private prisons illegal in our state.


  • Outlaw red light cameras.


  • Require cities to offer community service options for paying fines for traffic and other non-violent offenders who can prove an income-based inability to pay.


  • Require body cameras on all police officers.

I will propose, co-sponsor and fight for legislation that will:



  • Automatically register all Ohio citizens to vote at age 18.


  • End the practice of Gerrymandering by establishing a rules-based approach to redistricting which involves no human input.


  • Equalize ballot access requirements for all political parties, regardless of electoral support.


  • Return our election ballots to a hand countable and verifiable format.


  • Support a resolution calling for an Article 5 convention of the states to overturn the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision.


  • Lower the threshold of signatures required to put citizen initiative issues onto the ballot.