Vote Sparks 2018 | About David Sparks, Ohio State Representative Candidate For The 43rd District
The about page for David Spark's official campaign web site for Ohio's 43rd Statehouse District
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David Sparks was born to a Dayton, Ohio policeman who later became a Southern Baptist Minister.  His mother was a nurse. He has lived in the Dayton, Ohio area for most of his life.  He is  happily married to his wife, Audra, and has two grown daughters, Hannah and Hunter.


David has worked as a journalist, public school employee, musician, labor union president, and is currently the CEO of, an internet and multimedia development firm. David is a U.S. Veteran, and a graduate of Wright State University.


As a civic-minded developer, David helped spawn, which has helped thousands of people connect with homes available from the City of Dayton’s REAP Program. David is also an avid beekeeper and agriculture enthusiast.


Ohio has been trapped by regressive politicians who want to keep our state stuck in the last century. David Sparks wants to move Ohio forward.